Emu Bay Boat Ramp


Note: 5 ton load limit

Council would like to advise residents and visitors that work to upgrade the Emu Bay Boat Ramp is continuing.

These works cover the upgrade and construction of the boat ramp facilities - 1 x 4m wide ramp and 1 x 8m wide ramp running side by side with a jetty / walkway structure on either side of the ramps. The facility has  been designed as a recreational-use facility for boats up to these widths - which includes the Coast Guard vessel - for use in fair weather. Use by commercial operators is possible under permit and interested individuals should approach Council to discuss their particular needs.

Consultation on the boat ramp was conducted in early 2015, with Council then investigating funding options. In July 2017, the South Australian Boating Facility Advisory Committee (SABFAC) approved to provide 50% of actual project costs up to a maximum of $950,000 from the Facilities Fund (Marine). Confirmation of 50% SABFAC funding has given Council the assurance to proceed with the project and to fund the remaining 50%.

Preliminary works started in March 2018. The major ramp now is closed however the eastern/right hand side ramp remains open at this stage. Both ramps may have to be closed at some point. If both ramps are closed Council will inform the public.

Council will provide additional details on ramp closure, impacts on parking and timing through the implementation.

Update December 2018
Unfortunately the new Emu Bay Boat Ramp will not be opened prior to the Christmas break.  Boat users will still be able to access the existing RHS ramp, which has been accessible throughout the upgrade project. Work will be completed on ensuring the RHS ramp has good depth and is safe for most boats, however large boats may be required to use alternative facilities.

Update January 2019
Council apologises for the delays with the project however to ensure safety for boat users and a good final product we have decided to delay the opening. The contractors were back onsite on the 7th of January to continue the works. Boat Ramp access is expected to remain until the new ramp is opened.

Update 14 March 2019
Construction is continuing with works currently occuring on the jetty, wave attenuation boards and placement of the precase concrete section of the ramp. Works have been delayed due to the additional work required to firm up the unsuitable natural ground under the concrete precast slabs.

Council is planning to have the ramps open for the Easter holidays. Further construction on the carpark area and rock armour will continue after Easter to complete the project.

Update 30 April 2019
Council opened the 4 metre ramp for the Easter holidays and this ramp will now remain open. Works are continuing on the 8 metre ramp, the carpark and rock armour. As part of the works, the smaller right hand side ramp will close permanently shortly.

Update 12 November 2019
Following the opening of the ramp by the contractor, Community concerns over safety resulted in Council engaging a marine engineer to conduct a safety risk assessment. The report found some issues with the original design that require rectification and hence the contractor has closed the ramp until final completion. The report is available here.


Details of the upgrade are available here.

The Decision Notification Cover letter and form have now been received.



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