The American River Community Wastewater Management Scheme became operational in June 2010.

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Kangaroo Island Council has appointed Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) in 2006 to plan, design and superintend the construction of a new Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) in American River.American River CWMS - 02

Options Report

KBR were required to prepare an Options Report which recommends the type of scheme to be installed in American River. The report recommends a Gravity/Pressure Sewer Scheme for American River. For a copy of the report click here

Public Consultation

Kangaroo Island Council has undertaken lengthy and comprehensive Public Consultation in relation to the American River CWMS as required under the Local Government Act 1999, to ensure the community is aware of what is occurring. Kangaroo Island Council has undertaken the following:

1. KBR have prepared the following reports:

2. Public Meetings at American River Hall on the following dates:

3. Distributed letter and newsletters to known American River property owners as follows:

Newsletter 01 Newsletter 02 Newsletter 03 Newsletter 04 Newsletter 05
Newsletter 06 Newsletter 07 Newsletter 08 Newsletter 09 Newsletter 10
Newsletter 11 Newsletter 12 Newsletter 13 w.spacer w.spacer

4. Information and articles in 'The Islander' newspaper

5. Continual update of the website

Costs, Fees and Charges

Service Charge - CWMS:

  • The Service Charge- CWMS will be payable from Practical Completion of the construction phase of the project on a pro-rate basis. Following is a summary of the proposed Service Charge-CWMS
    • 2007/2008  $450/property unit
    • 2008/2009  $490/property unit
    • beyond   + CPI
  • Council will consider a 100% Discretionary Rebate for property owners who have a maintained aerobic septic system at practical completion of the construction of the scheme upto and including the 2012/2013 financial year.

Connection Fee:American River CWMS - 03

  • There is NO connection fee for properties provided with a property connection during the construction phase of the project
  • Connection Fees will apply for additional connections required, if more than one connection is requested per property, and for new allotments established after the initial construction phase
  • The Connection Fee will be equivalent to the SA Water Connection Fee for the equivalent service

Connecting to the scheme:

  • Kangaroo Island Council will assess each property with a dwelling at the completion of the construction in an area to determine what is required to connect and the cost
  • Council will advise each property owner the requirements and the cost to the owner which will only be the connection between the house and the street
  • Council will install and maintain property pumps on behalf of the owner as part of the scheme costs- the owner however is required to sign an agreement with Council

Following is the scheme layout plans as prepared for the tender submissions:

Kangaroo Island Council has appointed Baker and Gibbons to undertake the initial construction of the CWMS. Construction started in October 2007 and it is anticipated that  construction will be completed by 30 June 2009.

Please refer to the following map to determine if your property requires a "pumping unit", a "gravity connection" or a septic tank when connecting to the scheme.

Further Information

For further information on the proposed American River CWM Scheme please contact the Council Works Department on
08 8553 4534

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