Young Achiever of the Year

Young Achiever of the Year Awards - NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN!

Kangaroo Island Council is committed to developing our young people, who are our future. This Award recognises our young people's achievements in areas such as community work, sport, education, science, culture, the arts and the environment.

Consideration will be given to a young person who has demonstrated leadership, dedication and significant personal accomplishment or active involvement in their Community.

Who is eligible for the Young Achiever of the Year Awards?
1. All young people aged between 12-25 years as of 27 July 2020.
2. Nominees need to be a resident of Kangaroo Island.
3. Groups are eligible – all members need to be acknowledged.
4. Members of Council, or staff, are not eligible to receive awards for achievement associated with their Council responsibilities. However other achievements by Elected Members or Council staff and their families can be recognised in the same way as any other member of the Community.
5. Details of at least one referee in addition to the nominator are required.

Nominations close at 5:00pm Friday 10 July 2020.
Winners will be advised by Friday 17 July 2020 and advertised in the local paper on Thursday 23 July 2020.

Submitting your nomination:

  • In person or by post: Marked 'Private and Confidential' Community Affairs Manager - Kangaroo Island Council PO Box 121, Kingscote SA 5223
  • By Email:

Past recipients of the Young Achiver of the Year Awards(presented 27 July - Settlement Day)

  • 2019 Ryan Turner Young Achiever of the Year
    Outstanding Commitment to Leadership and the Community Joshua Keenan
    Outstanding Achievement - Academic, Sporting and Community Services Tarryn Putland
  • 2018 Holly Mueke Young Achiever of the Year
    Outstanding Achievement in Community Service, Individual - Jai Turner
    Outstanding Achievement in Community Service, Group - The Gymastics Beginner Coaches
  • 2017 Matilda Southgate Young Achiever of the Year
    Outstanding Achievement in Community Contribution - Brock Niemann
    Outstanding Achievement in Sport - Damon Freitag
    Acknowledgement of Community Service - The Breakfast Club, Kingscote
  • 2016 Georgie Horjus (Outstanding Achievement in Sport)
  • 2015 James Snowball (Outstanding Academic Achievement), Seth Whale (Outstanding Youth Leadership)
  • 2014 Georgina Jefford (Outstanding Community Service), Rachel Church (Outstanding Sporting Achievement), Jayden Freitag - Young Entrepreneur and KI Youth Parliament Team 2014 - Community Youth Team (Mikayla West, Connor Hall, Aidan Hamilton, Alejandro Bohorquez and Jorrelie Avila-Letton)
  • 2013 Joint Winners Erin Morrison and Mikayla West and Group Winner Rock Eisteddfod Student Committee
  • 2012 Harley Dunstan and Justice Allison
  • 2011 Stephanie Richter and Sophie Lewis
  • 2010 Ruby Byass
  • 2009 Kate Buck
    Outstanding Community Service Award (Program) - KICE Sailing Team
    Outstanding Community Service Award (Individual) - Hannah Stephenson
  • 2008 Jenny Behenna
    Outstanding Community Service Award (Program) - KI Dolphin Watch
    Outstanding Community Service Award (Individual) - Daniel Willson
  • 2007 Tim Buck
  • 2006 Peter Tremaine
  • 2005 Maxine Breeding
  • 2004 Melissa Turner
  • 2003 Kingscote Area School Prize Winning Pie-making Team
  • 2002 Jasmin Lade
  • 2002 Outstanding Personal Achievement Award - Jenna Duffy
  • 2001 Bradley Jamieson
  • 1997 Brendon Lade