Community Partnership Grants Scheme

The Community Partnership Grant Scheme supports projects and activities that contribute to the development of local Communities or to the Kangaroo Island Community as a whole.  It is designed to provide the support that is needed to complete a project, or to encourage the development of projects (in the case of multi-staged projects) and Community Programs.

Community Partnership Grant Program 2019-20

This year $20,000 is available to support projects and activities that contribute to the development and social fabric of our local Kangaroo Island Communities.

Applications that demonstrate a higher level of contribution by the applicant will be well received, for instance, the supply of volunteer labour and materials.

Successful Grants recipients will be advised after the January Council meeting and the Grants awarded a Council's Australia Day Ceremony in Kingscote on 26 January 2020.

Successful Applicants 2018/19
Kangaroo Island Road Safety Committee$2,475Road Safety Messages via Food & Wine app
Kangaroo Island Gymnastics$2,000   New mats
National Trust SA Kangaroo Island Branch$1,087Computer equipment
Parndana Sports Club$500Court sweeper
Parndana Progress Association$4,000Garden beds in Town Hall & Museum precinct
Penneshaw Progress Association$2,000Flagpole for inclusion of New Zealand flag at ANZAC Day Commemoration ceremonies
Stokes Bay Community Hall$6,840Double glass doors
Art Museum of Kangaroo Island Establishment Committee$879Purchase of laptop and software

Successful Applicants 2017/18
Art Museum of KI$3,000Strategic Planning
Baudin Beach Progress Association$1,675Replacement of basketball post and system
Bicycle Users Group$2,000Series of cycle trail brochures
Dudley United Netball Club$2,110Purchase of high pressure cleaner for courts
HeartSafe KI$1,553

Community AED and CPR training

KI Pioneers Association$1,000Review of the Frenchman's Rock and contemplation seat sites
NTSA Penneshaw Maritime & Folk Museum$   862Erection of a stand and water tank
Parndana Golf Club$2,000Men's toilet upgrade
Parndana Progress Association$   400Town Hall and Museum precinct flag pole project
Penneshaw Progress Association$   938Upgrade to the new entrance to Dudley Hall and west window blinds
Western Districts MCSC$1,500Strategic planning and constitution review

Successful Applicants 2016/17
Advance Kingscote Progress Association$555Signage for exercise equipment along walking trail in Brownlow
American River Progress Association                                                            $4,656 Storage shed at the American River Sports Association Shed
Artists Collective Kangaroo Island Inc$894Computer upgrade to improve communication to members and the Community
Dudley Writers' Group$1,600Weekend masterclass on writing short stories and poetry
Kangaroo Island/Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch$1,600Wild Sound - placement of static hydrophones (sound traps)
KI Basketball Association$3,667Purchase of automatic court cleaner for the Pavillion
KI Pioneers Association$880Restoration of interpretive signs at Reeves Point
National Trust SA$2,310Upgrade access to courtyard display buildings at Hope Cottage
Parndana Progress Association$2,000Purchase and installation of hot water service for the Parndana Town Hall kitchen
Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum$800Purchase and installation of blinds for light reduction
Parndana Sports Club$550Purchase of lawn mower
Reclink Australia$2,2003 day sporting event in January 2017, ongoing projects throughout 2017 and participation in Youth Week.

Successful Applicants 2015/16
  • Advance Kingscote Progress Association - Artwork design for Kingscote to Brownlow walking trail
  • Artists Collective KI Inc - Easter Art Exhibition lighting upgrade
  • American River Progress Association - Updating and relocation of American River sign
  • Baudin Beach Progress Association - Stone Memorial Wall
  • Dolphin Watch - Purchase items to assit 'Encounter Dolphin Watch' program
  • Finding Workable Solutions - KI Youth outdoor cinema
  • KI Broadcastes (KIxFM) - Transport of equipment from Sydney
  • KI Road Safety Committee - Drive Enjoy Survive Safety Campaign: Drive on the Left
  • KI Yacht Club - Purchase donut fryer and accessories
  • National Trust (Hope Cottage) - Front fence
  • Parndana Golf Club - Creek crossings
  • Parndana Progress Association - Sixteen legs exhibition
  • Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum - Refurbisment of Armco Shed (Stage 2)
  • Penneshaw Progress Association - Art fences to greet KI arrivals