Environmental Management Plans


The Kangaroo Island Resource Recovery Centre (KIRRC) provides the only integrated waste management facility for Kangaroo Island. This Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been prepared as the Environmental Protection Act 1993, Schedule 1, Prescribed Activities of Environmental Significance, requires an Environment Protection Authority Licence (EPA Licence) for the operation of a waste disposal facility. The EMP provides the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) with relevant information to allow an assessment of environmental issues associated with the facility to be undertaken for the purpose of granting a renewal to the EP Licence.


The Kangaroo Island Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been developed to assist the Kangaroo Island Council with ongoing wastewater and recycled water quality management. Wastewater and recycled water quality management is an essential component in ensuring Council’s commitment to safeguarding public and environmental health.

The Plan covers all CWMS managed and operated by the Kangaroo Island Council. This monitoring plan also addresses Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Department of Health (DH) guidelines and requirements of the EPA License(EPA 1516). The implementation of this Plan and the proposed monitoring schedulesis crucial to ensure adherence to any license requirements and to satisfy Council’s general environmental duty under the Environment Protection Act 1993. The results obtained may need to be reported to the EPA and DH where required.

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