Strategic Management Plan 2020-24

It is a legislative requirement for SA Councils to have a four year Strategic Management Plan. The Annual Business Plan is derived from this document which provides an update on each area of the plan/organisation tabled monthly at the ordinary meeting of Council.

Kangaroo Island Council prepares strategic management plans to:

  • help set a clear vision and objectives for Kangaroo Island, in consultation with the community, and builds a framework on how it will work towards these
  • address issues of importance for Kangaroo Island
  • manage its resources, people and assets in a sustainable way
  • align its efforts with the vision of South Australian and Australian Governments

Requirements for strategic management plans are explained in Section 122 of the Local Government Act 1999.

The Kangaroo Island Strategic Management Plan for 2020-24 is important because it helps outline Council's vision and objectives for the 4 year period. This includes the legislated requirements of the Council, the core functions of the Council and those additional priority areas that contribute to ensuring our Island’s future for those who live, work, study or visit the Island.

This Strategic Management Plan 2020-24 was reviewed and adopted at the 8 September 2020 Council Meeting.

Kangaroo Island Council recognises that there are many challenges ahead and the most critical issue is the long term financial sustainability of this Council in order to provide the Community and Visitors with roads that are safe and services that are much needed and relevant.

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