Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

Roadside Vegetation - 02

Kangaroo Island Council manages roadside native vegetation in accordance with the Kangaroo Island Council Roadside Vegetation Management Plan 2007(5526 kb) which has been authorised by the Native Vegetation Council. The Plan gives Kangaroo Island Council delegated authority to clear, and approve clearance by another party, under the Native Vegetation Act within clear guidelines.

The Local Government Act also requires members of the public to obtain approval from Council before undertaking any works on a roadside. Works include, but not limited to: Clearance of vegetation for the construction or replacement of a fence line and construction of a property access. (See Roadside Vegetation Application Forms.)

Native Vegetation

Any clearance of Native Vegetation must be referred to the Native Vegetation Council (NVC) - visit to download an application form and send to GPO Box 1047 Adelaide SA 5000.

If you need further information please contact NVC on (08) 8303 9777 or email