Phase Three Amendment to Planning and Design Code

Public Consultation - Phase Three Amendment to Planning and Design Code

From 6 November 2020 the draft Phase Three Amendment to the Planning and Design Code (the Phase Three Code) relevant to Kangaroo Island, is now open for online for public consultation until 18 December 2020.

This release follows an initial two-month period of public consultation on the draft Code through October and November 2019.

Local Government, including Kangaroo Island Council, have contributed to the content of the Code resulting in significant improvements.

The changes the State Planning Commission proposes to the draft Phase Three Code include the policy content for Kangaroo Island.

The full Code can be browsed using a version of the Planning and Design Code online tool, with an online Code Feedback tool  enabling you to view and make comment on specific parts of the Code.

A range of supporting materials are available including a Summary of Port Consultation Amendments which outlines the recommendations and key changes in response to the feedback received on the draft Phase Three Code. These are accessible from the PlanSA portal and can be accessed by visiting