Council Playgrounds & Skate Parks will be re-opened to the Community as of Friday, 8 May 2020

6th May 2020

In accordance with advice from South Australia's Chief Public Health Officer, Kangaroo Island Council has been advised that there is minimal risk of contamination due to the low cases of coronavirus in South Australia and the absence of community transmission as at Monday, 4 May 2020.

For the safety of our community:
 * If unwell, stay at home
 * 10 or less people in this area at any time
 * Practise social distancing: stay 1.5m apart
 * Wash, Wipe, Cover

Please note: Playground equipment is not being sanitised, please take precautions while using these facilities. Thank you for your cooperation. By everyone working together we are all contributing to the fight against COVID-19.