Pratts Road Re-Sheet

11th November 2021
Council has been re-sheeting a kilometre stretch of Pratts Road.

Council has been re-sheeting a kilometre stretch of Pratts Road.

This is being undertaken to improve the overall road conditions for both locals and tourist post the 2019/20 black summer bushfires. The sustainability of unsealed roads is not just about the environment, it’s also about the ability to maintain service levels, meet local requirements and cost & material efficiencies.

On average each year approximately 35 kilometres of road is re-sheeted across the Island.

Condition audits are carried out across Island road networks every 4 years from which re-sheeting priorities and road management priorities are determined. Road hierarchy and road usage data are also incorporated into condition audits.

Road grading is the process of restoring the driving surface of a gravel or natural surface road to a desired smoothness and shape by removing irregularities such as corrugations, pot holes and redistributing gravel. Re-sheeting and specifically gravel re-sheeting is the process of applying a layer of gravel (usually about 150mm thick) to a section of unsealed road.

Local materials are sourced by Council to facilitate re-sheeting including crushed limestone or ironstone.

Councils re-sheeting program is currently scheduled to continue through sections of Island Beach Road, Acacia Drive, McHughes Road, Bates Way and William Walker Way.