Street Numbering

Street Numbering within Townships on Kangaroo Island

As part of Council’s Strategic Plan, Council has committed to the objective to have all rural roads and township streets be given a rural or street addressing number. The rural property addressing project has been completed and the focus is now to implement street numbering across all townships on Kangaroo Island.

The street numbering principals followed by Council are:

  • Datum Point (central location where street numbers increase in an outward direction)
  • Standard 16 metres frontage (minimum per allotment & street number)
  • Street numbering commencing from the beginning of the street
  • Odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right
  • Alignment of street numbers on opposite sides of street (assistance for emergency services)
  • Corner block street number allocations
  • Available street numbers for future sub-divisions

Council has commenced the numbering of properties within the townships on Kangaroo Island in accordance with Council’s adopted Rural and Urban Address Numbering Maps and Policy and the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Rural & Urban Addressing (AS/NZS 4819:2011). The implementation of street numbers across the townships on Kangaroo Island will be completed in order, as follows:-

Council will be seeking feedback from property owners, tenants, Community groups and other businesses which may be affected by the numbering/renumbering of properties on Kangaroo Island. Property owners and identified groups will receive correspondence from Council regarding the street numbering project.

Further information: is available by contacting the Rates & Contracts Officer by email , phone (08) 8553 4502 or by booking an appointment to discuss.

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