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David Foreman

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Deborah Sleeman

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Ky Alecto

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Peter Fuller

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Peter Hastwell

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Quentin Chester

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Yvonne Merendi

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Kangaroo Island Through the Lens

Kangaroo Island has a record number of artists who call KI home with many relocating here for the lifestyle and to enjoy creative pursuits.

The island is the third largest off Australia’s coast and is bordered by 540 kilometres of largely unspoilt, extraordinary coastline. It is a photographer’s paradise that provides endless opportunities to capture nature, culture and heritage subjects across its length and breadth.  Spectacular geology, panoramic scenery, pristine wilderness, and abundant wildlife abound. It is little wonder that the island is considered such an incredibly rich photographic experience celebrated by professional, local and visiting photographers.

The Kangaroo Island Council is proud to support and promote local artists with an ongoing arts presence at the new Kangaroo Island Airport.

“KI Through The Lens” is a curated exhibition, the third presentation since the Airport was officially opened and introduces the work of some lesser known island photographers alongside others who have exhibited more widely.

Most of the art photography is for sale.

Please contact independent Curator Fleur Peters on 0417 832 037. 


A/CEO Greg Georgopoulos

Curator Fleur Peters