The Kangaroo Island Council has operated the Kingscote Airport since 16 June 1983. 

There is currently 1 regular passenger transport company operating out of the airport.Airport - Exterior

Regional Express offer several flights daily between Adelaide and Kangaroo Island. Any queries regarding schedules and availability of seats should be directed to:
  • Regional Express Airlines - phone 13 17 13
Passengers are serviced by 2 Hire Car companies:
  • Hertz: 08 8553 9144
  • Budget Rent-A-Car: 08 8553 3133

Kangaroo Island Transfers provides a passenger transport service on Kangaroo Island including the Airport. They meet all scheduled RPT Flights. For all enquiries or bookings please phone 0427 887 575 or email

Passengers should note that there is no public transport or taxi service currently operating on Kangaroo Island and passengers need to make prior arrangements for transport from the airport either privately, by KI Transfers or hire car (see above for contact details).

The terminal is open 7 days a week at 6.30am and closed after the last scheduled flight for the day. Terminal facilities include public toilets, gold phone, coffee machine, water fountain, confectionary machine, cool drink machine and visitors brochures.

For information on the Airport's Strategic Direction click here. For a copy of the Airport's Disability Action Plan click here.
Aeronautical Information

Please note this aerodrome is a Security Controlled Airport

Elevation 24 FT
World Aeronautical Chart No. 3459
Time UTC + 9 1/2 hours
Location Identifier YKSC
Latitude S35 42.8
Longitude E137 31.3
Magnetic Variation 8 Deg E
Aerodrome Operator Kangaroo Island Council
Telephone Council 08 8553 4500 Fax 8553 2885
Airport Services Co-ordinator Phone: 08 8553 9004 or 08 8553 4532 - AH 0407 715 363
Status Public / Security Controlled / ASIC required


All dimensions in metres
Runway Characteristic 01/19 06/24 15/33
Reference Code Number 3 2 2
Magnetic Bearing in degrees 013 058 148
Runway Length 1402 1134 1164
Runway width 30 30 30
Runway Slope level 0.1%down to NE Level
Length of clearway RWY 01 183 60 each end RWY 15 136
w.spacer RWY 19 108 w.spacer RWY 33 63
Length of stopway RWY 01 123 Nil RWY 15 76
w.spacer RWY 19 48 w.spacer RWY 33 Nil
Runway strip length 1693 1254 1363
Runway strip width graded 150 90 90
Pavement Type Sealed Gravel Gravel
Pavement Strength PCN 12/F/C580 Unrated Unrated


Airport - Interior w.spacer Airport - Plane


Visual Aid System
Runway 01 19 06/24 15/33
Type of runway lighting LIRL PAL 122.3 LIRL PAL 122.3 PTBL EMERG only PTBL EMERG only
w.spacer PTBL EMERG only PTBL EMERG only w.spacer w.spacer
Standby power Yes Yes Nil Nil
Type of approach lighting Nil Nil Nil Nil
Visual Approach slope indicator system AT-VASIS AT-VASIS Nil Nil
w.spacer LH side 3 deg LH side 3 deg w.spacer w.spacer
w.spacer 41FT 45FT w.spacer w.spacer
Selection of PAL HJ-only activates AT-VASIS and illuminated WDI. RWY, ABN & apron flood lighting will operate only when poor light levels exist. Aerodrome Beacon Flashing White 6 seconds.


Additional Information
Parking Restrictions Apron Parking
Except in emergencies, non RPT sealed apron parking is by prior arrangement only or a $200 per day parking fee maybe incurred.
Itinerant aircraft with a wingspan less than 14m should park on the grass apron via taxiway C (west of the sealed apron) or in the designated parking clearance area on the eastern end of the sealed apron (by prior arrangement only).
Ground Services AVGAS/JET A1 NOT AVBL.
Meteorological Information AWIS Phone 08 8553 9172 or 127.45
Notices Concentration of birds and wallabies in vicinity of AD


  • A - sealed from the apron to runway 01/19
  • B - gravel from the apron to runway 15/33
  • C - gravel service taxiway to the western general aviation grassed apron
Schedule of Charges as from 1st April 2011

Weight based charges per movement calculated on certified maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft with a movement defined as a departure.Airport - Birds View

  • $10.00per 1000 kg pro-rata, with a minimum charge of $10.00 plus GST
  • $17.00 plus GST for all helicopters

Passenger Levy based charges for Regular Public Transport and Tourist Charter operations:

  • $8.00 per head per each way public movement plus GST for Adults and Children

Training flights: by prior arrangement

Non RPT aircraft apron parking on sealed apron by prior arrangement only or a parking fee remaining at $200.00 per day or part thereof may be incurred.

Airport Services Co-ordinator

Phone: 08 8553 9004 or 08 8553 4532 - AH 0407 715 363