Computers and Printing

Public computers

The Kangaroo Island library has 4 computers available for public usage.

The following conditions apply to use of the public computers:

  • All public computer users must book a computer with the Library staff and advise thier full name prior to using a computer. They must agree to an Internet Agreement prior to accessing the Internet on public computers.
  • Printing is available at a cost and defaults to B&W. Customers should see staff if they wish to print in colour. Customers will be charged for total number of pages printed even if not all pages are wanted.
  • Bookings are essential and may be made in person or by telephone. Bookings are accepted in 15 minute blocks up to a maximum of 1 hour at a time. Depending on demand, a further consecutive booking may be allowed. There is a maximum of two hours per day per person whether by consecutive or separate bookings. New bookings will not be accepted within the last 15 minutes of opening hours.
  • Customers must not damage equipment or alter the setup of the computers.
  • There is to be no food or drink consumed near the computers or in the library.
  • Customers are responsible for the computer they are allocated for the period of their booking, with only 1 person able to use a computer at one time. Limited space is available around each computer and customers must not interfere with the usage of other computers or impede use of the library resources by others.

Kangaroo Island Council Library has no control over information available on the Internet and takes no responsibility for the content, accuracy, quality, competencies or legality of any material obtained on the Internet. The library assumes no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect.


Access to Wi-Fi is free and any person may, upon presenting proof of identity and current address, apply to get access to Wi-Fi. WiFi users under 18 years must be members of the library. Users of WiFi must agree to a number of Terms and Conditions upon logging on.

Internet Access

Access to the Internet via Public Access Network (either on public computers or WiFi) is provided for educational, informational and recreational purposes. All users agree to use these resources in a responsible manner and also to respect the rights of others.

Conditions of Use

  • Access is free.
  • Minimal staff assistance is available.
  • Customers under 18 must have an Internet Agreement signed by a parent or guardian. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the actions of their children in using the Public Access Network.
  • Copyright guidelines must be followed in downloading or copying images and files.
  • Customers must not modify or gain access to restricted files or data belonging to others.
  • Customers must not use the resources provided for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose.
  • Customers must not access sites which are inappropriate or offensive in a public place given the wide range of ages of library patrons.
  • Files downloaded onto a public computer will be deleted by library staff on a regular basis however if files are downloaded or saved onto the computer, there is no guarantee that they will not be accessed by other users before they are deleted.
  • Library staff will monitor compliance with ‘Conditions of Use’ using a variety of methods including personal observation and reviewing of record logs.
  • Customers who breach these ‘Conditions of Use’ may face sanctions including having their access withdrawn.
Printing and Photocopying (fees apply)

Both colour and black and white printing and photocopying is available for both A4 to A3 & A0 to A2.