Feral Cat Eradication Project

Kangaroo Island is nationally important for biodiversity conservation, primary production and tourism, with nearly 50% of the native vegetation remaining.  Kangaroo Island is already free from foxes and rabbits.

Kangaroo Island is set to become one of the world's largest inhabited islands free of feral cats under a community-driven, Australian Government plan to make the island a safe haven for wildlife. Kangaroo Island joins Bruny Island, French Island, Christmas Island and Dirk Hartog Island on the Australian Government's list of five priority islands (announced June 2016) aiming to become feral cat free.

The feral cat eradication project aims to eradicate feral cats by 2030 in conjunction with a gradual and systematic phasing out of all domestic cats. During this time a registration system will continue with the current stringent conditions for domestic cat ownership.

This project is a joint initiative of Natural Resources Kangaroo Island (DEWNR and the KI NRM Board) and Kangaroo Island Council in collaboration with Primary Industries and Regions South Australia and partnering with Invasive Animal Cooperative Research Centre and Ecological Horizons.

The Natural Resources Kangaroo Island website contains a range of information about the project including:

  • Feral Cat eradication Kangaroo Island prospectus
  • Information on the impacts of feral cats
  • The three stages of the project
  • An FAQs factsheet
  • Project sponsorship
  • FeralCatScan

Click here for a copy of the Feral Cat Trapping on KI brochure.