Development Services

Development Services is primarily responsible for all Planning and Building Applications submitted to Council.
Much of the Development Services Officers work involves on-site inspection of property and / or work in progress. Therefore, in order for Council's Officers to provide you with optimum service, you are encouraged to make a prior appointment by phoning Council on 08 8553 4500.

For ease of communication should you need information please contact:

  • Initial enquiries – Development Services Officer
  • Land divisions, Development Plan Assessment, Development Applications and Strategic Planning matters – Development Services Manager / Planner
  • Building Code, Structural matters, Building Rules Application and Assessment and Effluent / Waste Control matters – Development Officer – Building & Compliance

If you intend to carry out any form of development, including new building work, internal and external alterations and additions, excavations as well as changes in land use, you must first obtain Development Approval.

Applications for development will be assessed against the policies contained in the Council's Development Plan and the Building Code of Australia. To be assessed, applications must be accompanied by a completed Development Application Form appropriate plans and details, and the required fees.

A copy of the Development Application form can be obtained from the Council Office in Kingscote or by downloading the form by clicking on the link above. Please note that Kangaroo Island Council do not currently accept electronic lodgement of Development Applications. Physical Lodgement of Development Applications can be made via mail to Development and Services C/- Kangaroo Island Council, PO Box 121, KINGSCOTE SA 5223 or in person to Council's Office, 43 Dauncey Street, KINGSCOTE SA 5223.

If you are unsure as to whether your project requires Council approval or have any enquiries, contact Council's Development Services on 08 8553 4500.

Minimum standards and a minimum requirement in terms of information apply when you are lodging an application for development consent.

To assist you with meeting these requirements we have developed guidelines for you to follow when compiling your application. These guidelines are available on the Development Application Form or by contacting Development Services on 08 8553 4500.

Please contact Development Services on 08 8553 4500 if you are unsure of the level of information you should be including in your application. Incomplete or unclear applications usually incur delays and frustration for all parties concerned.

Further information on Development Legislation is available at the website.

Development Application Procedure

Firstly, your application will be given a Development Application Number and registered in Council's development applications system. If you require information relating to your application, please quote this Development Application Number at the time of enquiry.

Your application is not a valid application until application fees have been paid – Council will invoice you for fees within 3 to 5 days of lodgement.

Development Plan Consent

Your application is then forwarded on to the Planning Officer where it is assessed to ensure all statutory requirements (such as referrals or public notification and planning issues have been addressed.

Building Rules Consent

Upon issue of Development Plan Consent, your application is then passed on to our Building Officer (or alternatively you may engage a Private Certifier for this stage of assessment) who will make sure all of the details are supplied and conform to the many aspects of the Building Code of Australia (the National Construction Code), relevant Australian Standards and Legislation.

Once both Development Plan Consent and Building Rules Consent have been issued, Development Approval can be issued – in some instances Council will withhold Development Approval pending confirmation that the development can be connected to an approved method of effluent disposal.

Whilst your development application is being processed, your septic tank application will also need to be processed so it is a good idea to lodge this at the same time so as not to hold up the final issue of Development Approval.

Other Requirements for Development Applications

If the cost of construction is more than $40,000 a Construction Industry Training Fund Levy must be paid direct to the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) calculated at 0.25% of the cost of the building.

CITB will a receipt for levy payment, which must be forwarded to Council as proof of payment. Paper CITB Levy payment forms are available at the Council office if you require. This payment can also be paid on the website and a copy of the receipt forwarded to Council.

If you are contracting any component of the building work that exceeds $12,000, a Builders Indemnity Insurance Certificate will also be required.

There are many requirements when lodging a development application and to make the process smoother we recommend you utilise the checklist contained in the Development Application form and if you have any further questions on the requirements, please contact Development Services staff of 08 8553 4500.

The Development application fees are included on the Development Application form. Please click to download the form.

Please remember when you are undertaking your development, legislation requires that you notify Council's Development Services Department to undertake inspections of the building work by giving one business days notice prior to the following:

  • The commencement of building work i.e.: The placement of concrete into any footing excavations,
  • The intended completion of the wall and roof frame excluding internal linings.
  • Specific legislation now requires notification of roof framing involving roof trusses – please contact Council to advise of completion of roof truss installation – a mandatory 2 day ‘stop work’ can be required to allow for building inspection to occur.
  • The completion of building work.