Disposal of pet poo

Pet Poo Disposal on Kangaroo Island

Dog poo disposal

This chart outlines the various ways you can dispose of dog poo on the Island.

Can you compost dog poo? Yes! Check the first column to determine the best way.

Dog Poo

Kitty litter disposal

If you use recycled Kitty Litter you can put this in your green bin for fortnightly collection. This will then be processed in the HotRot In-Vessell System at the Kangaroo Island Resource Recovery Centre on North Coast Road. To read more on this system, go here.

Do not put Kitty Litter into a home composting system, as there would not be enough heat to kill pathogens.

If the Kitty Litter is not made from recycled materials, please dispose in the red lid (landfill) bin.

Kitty Litter


For more details about composting pet poo visit The Green Hub Online.


If you have any questions about disposal of pet poo, contact Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (FRWA)