Penneshaw Structure Plan

The Kangaroo Island Council formally adopted the Penneshaw Structure Plan on 9 April 2019, following a community engagement and consultation process.

A copy of the Plan can be accessed here.

The Plan will now be tabled with the State Government for their information.

As it thinks fit, Council can then proceed to commence the process of updating its Development Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Development Act and implement other facets of the Structure Plan through its annual business planning priority processes.

There would also be opportunity to consider inputs towards, and amendments to, the State Planning and Design Code (being implemented from 1 July 2020) under the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act.

What is a Structure Plan?

A Structure Plan provides an overarching planning framework for the management and coordination of future growth opportunities, changes within the spatial contexts and infrastructure requirements.

Most importantly, a Structure Plan enables Council and the Community to set a vision that it desires to achieve, not one that will simply happen by natural means.

A Structure Plan highlights the likely demand for development based on trends and population scenarios. It establishes a conceptual blueprint based on principles of good town planning.

For further information please contact the Kangaroo Island Council on (08) 8553 4500.