Beach Access and Beach Boat Launching

Kangaroo Island Council has designated beach access for trailerboat launching from 13 readily accessible beaches to provide greater access to a greater extent of the coastline, bays and open waters around Kangaroo Island where Council’s boat launching facilities are not available.

Beach launching is permitted within these designated areas as shown in the Beach launching maps without fees. Council requests your attention to the extent of the beach access areas and asks that you access the beach foreshore areas in an environmentally sensitive manner and within these designated areas only. Leaving vehicles and trailers on the beach is not permitted – Please remove your vehicle and park it responsibly.

Launching of small watercraft such as dinghies, sailboats, kayaks, paddle boards, windsurfers and other personal watercraft (including powered watercraft not exceeding 8 horsepower) is permitted from any foreshore area without vehicular access to the beach, i.e. the watercraft are able to be carried to the foreshore and launched and retrieved ‘by hand’.