Camping and Visitor Day Strategy

In 2006, Kangaroo Island Council contracted Shannon Architect to prepare a Camping and Day Visitor Strategy that determine what experience each Council site should offer within the Camping and Day Visitor market on Kangaroo Island.

In response to this strategy, in 2007, Kangaroo Island Council prepared and endorsed a report that sets standards for campground and day visitor facilities and how Council wishes these facilities to be managed and upgraded in the future.

Kangaroo Island Council then reviewed both documents to produce a revised Camping and Day Visitor Strategy in 2008 that accurately reflects Council direction in the future.

Following the receipt of a $2.6 million grant from the Federal Government in 2010 and a number of subsequent grants, Kangaroo Island Council was able to implement a number of upgrades to facilities including:

Council will continue to apply for grants to further implement the recommendations and improve the Camping and Day Visitor facilities on Kangaroo Island.

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