Bushfire Prevention and Fuel Reduction

Bushfire Prevention and Fuel Reduction

There are many ways to reduce the Impact of bushfire on your property, and to prevent the spread of fire as per the requirements of the Fire & Emergency Services Act + Regulations.

The document below - Reduce the impact of Bushfire - contains significant information on the extent of work and clearance that can be undertaken around structures on your property, and also contains an application format for those seeking trop undertake a larger clean up/permit burn.

Kangaroo Island Council are able to provide permits for some burning types before fire season starts, and during the declared fire season should that be required.


For  burning  Native Vegetation on Private Land, the application form for undertaking prescribed burns, or Managing Vegetation for other purposes is attached below. This form is active and fillable  - you can simply populate it and save it to be emailed or posted  to CFS for approval.


Schedule 9 ( or 10) Permits to Burn or reduce fuel load- For managing vegetation that is NOT Native Vegetation
i.e. - crop  stubble, around sheds and structures, grass, light domestic vegetation and perimeter/fenceline management – Council can issue a Permit to Burn – Schedule 9 for periods outside the declared fire danger season.

THE BROAD ACRE BURNING CODE OF PRACTICE offers advice and direction.

THE HARVESTING CODE should be referred to prior to any paddock work involving Grain Handling.

Schedule 10 Permits may be issued during the declared fire danger season and include dangerous activities likely to cause ignition/ hot work/work generating heart or sparks. It is preferred that these activities are not conducted during this time.

If unsure of any requirements, information is available on the following websites:

CFS: CFSRegion1@sa.gov.au
Phone for advice: 1800 362 361

KI Council: kicouncil@kicouncil.sa.gov.au
Phone for advice: (08) 8553 4500

DEW : https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/native-vegetation
Phone for advice: (08) 8204 1910