Community Grants

COMMUNITY GRANT - Expressions of Interest sought for unspent funds

Council is seeking expressions of interest from community groups or individuals seeking funding for projects that bring social, environmental and cultural benefit to Kangaroo Island.

The 2024 Kangaroo Island Council Community Grants scheme was unsubscribed, with four community groups awarded $15,000 of funding from the $20,000 available.

At the February Council meeting, it was resolved that the unsubscribed funding of $5,000 from the Council's 2023-24 Community Grants program be released as an expression of interest to the Kangaroo Island community for 14 days, starting Thursday, 22 February, until 5.00 pm on Thursday, 7 March 2024.

The Community Grants scheme provides financial grants for projects that benefit the broader community of Kangaroo Island.

Applications are assessed against several criteria, including the capacity to deliver outcomes aligned with Kangaroo Island Council's Strategic Management Plan and target the areas of need within the community and community values.

All funds allocated would be expended and acquitted within the current financial year or within twelve months of acceptance of a grant under this program.

Download the application pack here

Download the Kangaroo Island Community Grant Guidelines here

Kangaroo Island Grants Policy


SA Youth Week 2024 GRANT

SAYW showcases young peoples’ talents, contributions, and achievements; promotes a positive image of young people; acknowledges the common interests of young people as well as their diverse backgrounds and circumstances; and enables young people to express their ideas. The Department of Human Services (DHS) is providing SAYW grants for local councils and not-for-profit organisations working directly with young people across South Australia to host events and activities during SAYW 2024. The events should promote, acknowledge, recognise and celebrate the contributions of young people in our communities. The overall purpose of SAYW 2024 is to celebrate young people and youth culture and to encourage all young people to participate in their communities.

One-off grants of up to $2,000 are available for organisations hosting events during SAYW 2024 that are in both metropolitan and regional South Australia. Please complete the grant application by 3:00pm, 15 November 2023 via the Smarty Grants portal at SA Youth Week 2024 - Department of Human Services SA ( We expect to notify successful applicant organisations in December

Gordon Darling Foundation Grants Program

This program seeks to support visual art projects Australia-wide. Priority funding is awarded to exhibitions that showcase Australian, Asian, Pacific or International art which draws upon significant aspects of their local area.

Max funding $500,000 / This program is open on an ongoing basis

PPCA Performers’ Trust Foundation Grants

This funding aims to foster and inspire growth in music and music-related performing arts sectors. Submissions for funding must align with one of the following intentions: performances for charitable organisations, scholarships, promotion of the arts within the community and financial assistance for artists.

Max funding $5,000 / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund

This funding offers equity investment for big and small screen productions based in Australia. The grant aims to encourage projects which will provide creative, cultural and economic benefits to South Australians.

Max funding $130,000 for fiction works and $80,00 for documentaries

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Arts SA - Arts and Culture Grants Program

This grant is in memory of Richard Llewellyn who had a passion for the arts and advocated strongly for those living with a disability. This funding aims to provide greater access to arts and cultural activities for members of the community who identify as being deaf or having a disability.

Funding will depend on the grant type / This funding is open on an ongoing basis


Harcourts Foundation Grants

This grant round offers support to community-centred organisations in need of funding for projects structured to benefit as many people as possible.

No max funding / This program is open on an ongoing basis

IGA Community Chest

The IGA Community Chest raises funds to support local communities, charities and other worthwhile causes. It could be in response to a major event like floods or bushfires or something as simple as new soccer balls for the local under 8’s team.

No max funding / This program is open on an ongoing basis

General Giving Grant

The June Canavan Foundation supports projects that create sustainable outcomes and allow people to help themselves in accordance with the principle of ‘a hand up, not a handout.

The focus areas for The June Canavan Foundation are:

  • Sport
  • Education
  • Health
  • Conservation
  • Growing Giving (supporting the philanthropic sector)

Max funding mall grants and donations (generally $1,000 -$20,000) and large grants (generally $20,000 -$50,000). / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Sheargold Foundation Grants

The Sheargold Foundation's vision is to enable meaningful, positive and permanent change in the Australian community. They do this by providing support and assistance for Not for Profit or charitable organisations working in the Education, Welfare, Health or Wellbeing areas.

The Foundation aims to identify worthy charities that closely align with our purpose so we can partner to deliver real and effective change:

  • Knowledge
  • Wellbeing
  • Integrity
  • Future

Their primary focus when assessing potential organisations is to carefully consider the potential impact of their concept, regardless of any shortfalls in capacity, skills or capability. The Foundation aims to overcome these challenges by providing assistance that will guarantee longer-term results.

No max funding / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Awesome Foundation Grants

This program seeks to provide financial assistance on a ‘no-strings-attached basis’ to individuals and groups working in and for their communities. Australia has been divided into a series of ‘chapters,’ one of which is Fleurieu.

Max funding $1,000 / Program available on a monthly basis

Australian Communities Foundation Grants Program

This grant seeks to support initiatives that align with the Foundation’s key areas of focus. These include: addressing inequality, strengthening democracy, providing support to indigenous communities, protecting the environment and developing vibrant and culturally rich societies.

No max funding / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Clubs SA/IGN Sponsorship Assistance Program

This grant seeks to provide assistance to: disadvantaged groups within the community, not-for-profit community-led projects and sporting or community clubs. Projects are required to demonstrate how they will directly benefit a charity or community organisation.

Max funding $10,000 / This program is available on a monthly basis

IOOF Foundation Community Grants

This grant stream seeks to provide funding to support not-for-profit groups working with: disadvantaged families and children, youth and members of the community living in aged care.

Max funding $60,000 / This program is open on an ongoing basis

National Housing Infrastructure Facility

This program offers finance for infrastructure-based projects identified as having the capacity to create new, affordable housing options. Support may be offered by way of concessional loans, grants, equity investments or a combination of these options.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

CORENA Renewables Loan Scheme

CORENA is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organisation dedicated to assisting Australians to combat climate emergencies by supporting projects that immediately reduce carbon emissions. Organisations are able to apply for interest-free loans to support the purchase of solar panels, energy efficiency improvements and replacement of gas appliances amongst others. CORENA notes that their scheme offers a good alternative for groups that may have missed out on Stronger Communities funding to support their renewable projects.

Funding is available as a loan / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Variety Heart Scholarships (SA)

The Variety Heart Scholarships Program supports children with an existing talent, who are disadvantaged or living with a disability, to achieve their full potential and to follow their dreams.

Max funding $3,000 / This program is available on an ongoing basis


Indigenous Advancement Strategy – Community Initiated Proposals

This strategy offers to fund to proposals that address a ‘need’ identified by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the local community. These proposals must be created in collaboration with the community or group of people impacted by this ‘need.’

Applications open 26 July 2022 / Applications close on 31 October 2023

The Community Development Program (CDP)

The CDP operates as the Government’s remote employment and community development service. The CDP supports those seeking work in remote areas of Australia to develop their skills, identify and overcome barriers to employment and contribute to their communities. This program aims to reduce the number of job seekers who are currently reliant upon welfare supports.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

TSRA Economic Development Program – Business Funding Scheme

This grant provides assistance to Indigenous Australians seeking to start or buy and own businesses that are commercially viable. This support may be provided through business loans at low-interest rates, training for the operation of small businesses, or general business support and advice.

Max funding $1M / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Our Country Our Future

This program offers wide-ranging support from brokering and facilitating partnerships to coordinating support and funding assistance. The grant has five key areas of focus noted as opportunities for Indigenous Australians and landholders. These include conservation, urban investment, tourism, niche indigenous products and agribusiness.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Indigenous Business Australia – Business Loan Package

This loan program offers eligible businesses the capital required to start, acquire or expand their operations.

Max funding $5M / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Screen Australia – First Nations Funding Opportunities

Screen Australia offers a range of funding options for First Nations storytellers working in the film sector. Please follow the link above to find specific details about funding options.

Funding amounts and closing dates vary depending on the grant program

Screen Australia – First Nations Programs (Drama)

This program seeks to drive investment into exceptional low-budget feature film projects centred upon innovative ideas that hold the potential to reach a broad audience. This grant focuses on creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers who exhibit a particular talent in representing their vision and skill.

Funding provided as an ‘investment’ / This program is open on an ongoing basis


Disaster Recovery Payment (DRP) / Crisis Payments

The Disaster Recovery Payment provides a one-off payment for individuals adversely affected by a major disaster either in Australia or overseas.

These payments are delivered by Services Australia.

Funding of up to $1000 for adults, and $400 for children / This program is available on an ongoing basis


Travel allowance for rural and regional South Australian businesses hiring and training apprentices

Allowances are available to cover the costs incurred by employers when apprentices and trainees are required to travel long distances to a Nominated Training Organisation (NTO) that delivers their qualifications.

Travel and accommodation allowances include:

  • intrastate travel – 30c per kilometre for the shortest practical route
  • interstate travel – calculated at a set rate based on an economy airfare
  • intrastate accommodation – $60 a day
  • interstate accommodation – $110 per day for pre-approved training delivered in other states.

No max funding / this program is open on an ongoing basis.

Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program (AAIP)

This program offers numerous financial incentives for employers to assist them in offering apprenticeship opportunities. An allowance for living out of home is also offered to apprentices who must relocate to finish their training.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Skilling Australians Fund

This grant supports the training of apprentices and trainees to assist employers with hiring skilled workers to encourage innovation and growth. The project aims to support Australians obtain the skills and training required to work in occupations and industries which are currently in demand.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

National Work Experience Program

This program offers jobseekers the opportunity to gain real-world experience and confidence in a profession of their choice while demonstrating their potential to employers. This scheme falls under the Government’s ‘Jobactive’ approach which aims to get more people into paid work.

Four-week placement / Max 25 hours per week

$300 incentive for host employers / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Youth Jobs PaTH program

This funding seeks to assist employers in finding and employing more young people in their businesses. The scheme includes three stages which moves a young person through the entire employment process from training, to trialling and if successful, hiring.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Springboard Enterprises – Explore Program

This program seeks to support businesswomen in the early stages of their proposed concept’s development, to translate their vision into a reality. Assistance will be provided to ‘examine, prototype and launch ventures.

This grant is provided through mentoring sessions / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Parliamentary and Civics Education Rebate

This rebate seeks to support students’ education surrounding the national democratic, historical and cultural institutions in Canberra, with the goal of improving their knowledge of Australian democracy. This program is aimed at students in years four through twelve.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Capital Grants Program

This grant seeks to provide assistance to non-government and secondary schools wishing to improve their current capital infrastructure in instances where they may have otherwise been unable to access adequate resources.

No max funding / This program is open on an ongoing basis


Sporting Schools

This funding aims to increase the participation rate of students in sports and connect them to their local community by way of sporting clubs and opportunities. This program is offered to children and families to assist in building confidence and the skills required to live an active life.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund

This fund offers financial support to community cricket projects which aim to increase participation rates and make the sport more inclusive and accessible.

Max funding $30,000 / This grant is run on an annual basis

Tennis Australia – Facility Loan Scheme

This scheme offers low-interest loans to Australian tennis clubs seeking to upgrade or improve their current facilities. These loans aim to reduce ‘shortfalls’ clubs may encounter when funding such projects.

Max funding $80,000 / This program is open on an ongoing basis


Dame Roma Mitchell Grants

Dame Roma Mitchell Grants provide opportunities for eligible children and young people who are or have been, under the guardianship of the Chief Executive or Minister for Child Protection in South Australia for at least one full year.

Dame Roma Mitchell Grants are available in the following categories:

  • Achieving personal goals
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Developmental opportunities

There are two funding rounds held each year. The first funding round is held in February/March, and the second funding round is held in August/September.

No max funding

Grants for rural and regional students

The Country Education Foundation (CEF) supports youth through financial grants for education and employment expenses. These grants contribute towards apprenticeships, traineeships, cadetships, diplomas, certificate level studies, university qualifications or employment.

CEF grants are non-cash. Instead, you are reimbursed for education or work-related expenses, or a supplier can be paid directly. Grants can cover any education or work-related expenses, such as. textbooks, tools, work equipment, petrol, transport, accommodation, computers, and internet access.

No max funding / This program is available on an ongoing basis

Balnaves Foundation Grants

This program seeks to support eligible organisations with funding to create a ‘better Australia’ through education, medical advancement and the arts. One of the key priority groups for this funding is young people.

No max funding / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Mantana Foundation for Young People

This funding stream is dedicated to the support of disadvantaged young Australians. The main goal of the grant is to ensure young people are able to achieve their full educational and social potential.

Grants are usually between $1,000 and $10,000 / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Broadtree Foundation Grants

Funding offered through this program seeks to support the day-to-day lives of people who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. The Foundation focuses its funds across several priority groups including young people, older people, families, vulnerable people and those living with a disability.

Max funding $25,000 / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Blackbird Foundation – Philanthropy Funding

This grant offers to fund organisations that focus on fostering the creative capacities of youths in the local community.

This program is open on an ongoing basis


Australian Business Growth Fund

This program offers financial support for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to expand and develop their presence. The program operates in collaboration with selected banks to facilitate business owners’ access to equity finance as required. Many businesses may find this particularly useful during their COVID-19 recovery.

Max funding $15M / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services

This program seeks to assist Australian small businesses in using technology to maximise the benefits received. The grant providers are also able to offer more specific advice that corresponds to an individual business needs.

This funding is offered as a ‘service’ / This program is open on an ongoing basis

New Business Assistance with NEIS

This grant offers personalised support to those seeking to become self-employed business owners. Funding can assist by providing: training, mentoring and support, allowances or rental assistance where eligible.

This funding is offered as a ‘service’ or ‘mentoring’ / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Social Enterprise Development and Investment Funds

Funding offered through this scheme provides finance and support to social enterprises with the aim of growing their operations and increasing the benefits of their work across the community.

This grant is in the form of a ‘loan’ / This program is open on an ongoing basis


Entrepreneurs Program

This grant provides entrepreneurs with access to business-related advisory services and financial support offered through a nationwide network of over 170 business experts. Funding and support aim to ‘strengthen, grow, innovate and commercialise’ Australian-made products and services for domestic and international markets.

Max funding $20,000 / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Arena Advancing Renewables Program

This funding stream seeks to support a range of projects aimed at: assisting the transition to affordable, reliable sources of renewable energy, the commercialisation of clean hydrogen and greater use of low-emissions metals.

Max funding $50M / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Entrepreneurship Facilitators

This funding stream aims to assist those seeking to start a new business and create their own job. This program is offered in 23 locations across Australia, including two in South Australia.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

SA Dairy Industry Fund

This grant seeks to provide financial support for projects that provide a direct benefit to the South Australian dairy industry. The program supports innovative ideas that represent ‘value for money and genuine potential to improve all areas of the industry and its supply chain'. The assessment panel is especially keen to see applications that focus on support and encouragement for local investment and value-adding, with a view to creating new products and opening Australian and overseas markets.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC – Quick Response Funding

This funding supports researchers with travel costs associated with visiting disaster-affected areas to assess the event, survey its impacts and record valuable data.

Max funding $2,500 / This program is open on an ongoing basis


Farm Investment Loans

This financial support is offered to farmers with the goal of strengthening their ‘farm business.’ This loan aims to assist those in need with refinancing debt, enhancing productivity, payment of operational or capital expenses and funding for drought-related activities.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Drought Angels

This group seeks to provide assistance, food hampers, care packages and support to farming families experiencing hardship. There is a range of support including provision of stock feed, financial guidance and inter-personal engagement and support.

This program is open on an ongoing basis

Farm Household Allowance

This grant seeks to provide farming families with practical support to evaluate their current financial situation and plan forward to address their financial security on a long-term basis.

This program is open on an ongoing basis


Rungartug Foundation Grants

Funding provided by this program seeks to improve health outcomes for immigrants and refugees by increasing their access to training and education.

Max funding $5,000 / This program is open on an ongoing


Purves Environmental Fund

This program seeks to enable and empower groups striving for environmental sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity. Key areas of interest to the fund include species loss due to habitat destruction, landscape and water management and solutions to climate change.

No max funding / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Hort Innovation – Hort Frontiers Strategic Partnership Initiative

Funding provided through this program seeks to assist in future-proofing Australian horticulture projects. Support is provided through cross-industry investments dedicated to long-term, complex areas that are usually under-funded.

Funding provided through investment / This program is open on an ongoing basis

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

This program promotes investment in small-scale renewable energy with the goal of creating financial drivers for individuals and businesses to install systems that generate electricity and hot water.

Funding provided as a rebate / This program is open on an ongoing basis