Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Council currently has access to two different types of EV charges throughout the community, the RAA charging network and the ChargePoint charging network.

RAA Charging Network

Together with the South Australian Government, RAA is building the state’s first border-to-border network of EV charging stations – RAA Charge.

The network will comprise of 140 sites across the state, with 86 AC Fast 7kW charging sites, 37 DC Rapid 150kW charging sites and 17 DC Ultra-Rapid 200kW charging sites. 75% of the charging sites will be in regional areas and 98% of the charging locations will be no more than 200km apart.

From our highways and regional centres to our CBD and suburbs, it will be easier than ever to drive an electric vehicle in South Australia.

Find out more > https://www.raa.com.au/motor/motoring-services/ev-charging-network

ChargePoint Chargers

Due to withdrawal of ChargePoint from Australia, these chargers are being phased out by Council and there may be difficulty in using them.

Details on how to use the ChargePoint chargers can be found below.

For all chargers except those located at the airport, you will need a Chargepoint card to be able to activate the charger.


Where do we charge the vehicles?

Electric Vehicles can be charged at charge points located at the Airport (No card required, available 24/7) , Kingscote (Council car park), Penneshaw (adjacent Community Business Centre).

Please note that these are slow EV chargers.

The Electric Vehicles can also be charged using a normal household power socket where you are staying if you enquire with the accommodation provider.

What if I don't have a ChargePoint card?

If you are visiting then you can obtain one free-of-charge from Penneshaw Community and Business Centre, Middle Terrace, Penneshaw (Monday to Friday during office hours) that will need to be returned at the end of your trip.  A short term use  card is available from  Customer Service, Dauncey Street , Kingscote (Monday - Friday during office hours).

How to charge a vehicle?

Please follow the prompts on the charge points.

Plan your trip

Please plan your trip carefully.  Petrol may be purchased in Penneshaw and Kingscote 24/7. Fuel supply in the west of the Island is limited and not open all the time. You should always try to pick up a top-up charge at your stops during the day where you can for the battery and can recharge overnight fully at most accommodation points if you enquire in advance to confirm.

Current Available Charging Stations
1. 2. American River, Tangara Drive
3. Council Carpark, Osmond Street, Kingscote
4. Parndana, 192 Wedgewood Road
5. Penneshaw, 149 Middle Terrace

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