The Kangaroo Island Council oversees care and control of 5 cemeteries throughout Kangaroo Island. Three of these are currently operational and they are:

Kingscote Cemetery
Cemetery - Kingscote

330 Bullock Track, Kingscote

This cemetery consists of burial allotments, a lawned area and a brick columbarium niche.

American River Cemetery
Cemetery - American River

Lot 210 Redbanks Road, American River

This cemetery consists of burial allotments and a brick columbarium niche.

Penneshaw Cemetery - Heritage SA listed Penneshaw Cemetery

12 William Walker Way, Penneshaw

Penneshaw Cemetery is under the care and control of Kangaroo Island Council, however the cemetery is a listed place of State Heritage Significance, and requires Council to liase with the State Heitage branch for the installation of Headstones and monuments within certain parts of the Cemetery.

There are two Cemeteries which are no longer in active use but are maintained, due to their Historical significance and they are:

Pioneer Historical Cemetery (Reeves Point)
Cemetery - Reeves Point

25 German Row, Kingscote

This cemetery holds the remains of the Early Settlement inhabitants who arrived on Kangaroo Island in 1836. "Not a working Cemetery."

Emu Bay Historical CemeteryCemetery - Emu Bay
Lot 457 Wallaby Run, Emu Bay

A small area set aside for burials, but no headstones or records of those buried are available at the site. "Not a working Cemetery."

Opening hours

All cemeteries are considered open daily throughout the year from dawn to dusk. No person other than an employee authorised by the Kangaroo Island Council is permitted to enter or remain within the Cemetery grounds after dark.

Interment Right (Lease)

Interment Right is issued for a burial or interment of ashes for a period of 99 years. These can be preleased or issued on advice of death. Kangaroo Island Council will grant a license for the exclusive right of burial or interment in the next designated space within the cemetery.

At the end of Interment Right period, if family members do not renew, the plot can be reused.

Relinquishment of an Interment Right must be in writing to Council.


All arrangements for burials are made through a Funeral Director of the family’s choice. The Funeral Directors will liase with Kangaroo Island Council before determining a burial date as at least three working days notice is required.


Kangaroo Island Council encourages members of the family to erect memorial plaques or headstones at the gravesite. Families generally arrange these directly with a Monumental Company of their choice however standard bronze plaques are available through Council. Memorial plaques and headstones must be to Kangaroo Island Council specifications. Please contact the Kangaroo Island Council for more information.

Interment of Ashes in Columbarium

Interment of ashes in the columbarium is arranged directly between a family member and the Kangaroo Island Council. The plaque must be ordered through the Council. Please contact the Kangaroo Island Council for more information. Please note, Ashes can not be interred until plaque is received.

Interment of Ashes in a previously used site

Interment of ashes in a previously used burial site may be allowed. This is organised directly between a family member and the Kangaroo Island Council. You must give the Council three working days notice of an interment of ashes in a previously used site. Please contact the Kangaroo Island Council for more information


It is not permitted to plant on memorials within the Cemetery grounds. No ornaments, floral or other tributes are to be place on or in the lawn areas outside of the approved plinth of headstone as they cause hindrance to maintenance operations.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges apply to burials and interment of ashes. These are outlined in the Fees and Charges Policy.

Further information

Click here to view the Cemetery Information Brochure. Please contact Councils Cemetery Officer on 08 8553 4500 or kicouncil@kicouncil.sa.gov.au for further enquiries.