Tangara Dr Upgrade, American River

The Tangara Drive upgrade will link key community attractions and services along the foreshore and town centre of American River. The project will improve the amenity, accessibility, and environmental protection of the various recreational areas of the foreshore along Tangara Drive, popular with residents and visitors for recreation and visiting businesses.

The current level of infrastructure in American River does not meet the needs of its increasing resident population or growing number of visitors. With over half of the American River residential population over the age of 65 (56 percent – ABS 2021), and at over double the state average, there is a need for improved accessibility and investment in public infrastructure.

As part of Council’s Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan (IAMP), Council has allocated some funding in the 2024/2025 budget for footpaths, street planting, drainage works and resealing works along Tangara Drive. With the full extent subject to final costs and approval of the 2024-25 budget, the project will extend the existing footpath and trail network around the wharf precinct, renew the Tangara Drive road surface, seal some parking areas and add to the Town Centres Project work completed in 2022.

Artist's impression of Tangara Drive

Tangara Drive Artist Impression with Text

Council has plans to renew the entire Tangara Drive road surface and construct a footpath that links the Shed to the foreshore playground. Following strong community support for a foreshore walking trail and link to Trethewey Court, an Elected Member Council decision is still required to determine if funds are to be allocated for these walking trails or if modifications on the location of the footpath location is preferred, between the foreshore playground and CFS station. All work to be completed will be funded by Council as part of its Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan (IAMP), and Council will continue to identify upcoming grant funding opportunities to make further improvements to this important community and visitor precinct.

The project will improve parking delineation and pedestrian safety along Tangara Drive, particularly in front of the tennis courts by the Oyster Farm Shop. It will lift the appearance of the precinct, improve accessibility, add to the work completed as part of the Town Centres Project, help identify sites for future investment (both public and private) and create connections between existing services and facilities.

Prior to the targeted stakeholder meetings and open public information session held in late March 2024, community consultation on different aspects of the project has occurred in recent years. Some of these projects include the Town Centres Project, Five Year Footpath Plan, American River Structure (Place) Plan, American River Strategic Plan, KIC Street Tree Program 2023-2027, KI Coastal Hazard Strategy and Annual Business Plan 2023/2024.

The project’s outcomes align with the following outcomes from the American River Strategic Plan, developed by the American River Progress Association in 2021:

  • ● IA1 Footpaths - provide safe travel for residents and visitors
  • ● IA2 Parking – provide parking infrastructure to avoid congestion in key areas of town
  • ● IA3 - Walkways / Bike Tracks - provides alternative routes and transport means for viewing the surrounds of American River

The project also aligns with several of the Guiding Principles identified in the American River Structure (Place) Plan, but in particular Principle B: Connected Community.

  • ● B1. A walkable community. Support a walkable community which is compact in form and well connected.
  • ● B3. Create a network of accessible paths.
  • ● B5. Ensure new residential areas and tourist and service centres are well-linked to each other, the coast, Marine Precinct, Town Centre and recreation areas.
  • ● B7. American River remains a place which is characterised by its natural setting and environment through habitat enhancement and accessible trail networks.

The footpaths proposed on the western side of Tangara Drive will be concrete, and any which connect to the paths completed as part of the Town Centres Project will be Littlehampton clay pavers for design consistency and to further enhance the wharf precinct character. The foreshore trail has been designed to be slightly elevated, constructed from fine crushed limestone and compacted to provide a hard walking surface for prams and mobility aids. This solution will be cost-effective and fits in with the surrounding vegetation and foreshore character.

Council reviews the footpath program annually as part of the IAMP. This ensures it more accurately reflects costs associated with footpath upgrades (e.g. drainage, barriers, etc) and community needs. Currently the plan has footpaths listed for American River in the following priority order; Tangara Drive, Buick Drive & Redbanks Road.

This is a detailed design that has been developed to establish budgets and construction timelines, however there is still an opportunity for feedback and adjustments. Any final changes or issues raised by the community will be considered by the project team during the preparation of tender and construction documents.

The project will be phased over multiple stages to reduce the area of disruption to the community. Work on the footpaths is expected to start in Spring 2024, subject to weather conditions and contractor availability with the full project due for completion within FY2024/2025.

The resealing work scheduled for the 2024/2025 financial year under the IAMP will require Tangara Drive to be under traffic control for less than 1 day, with detours and local vehicle access available as practical. During the remainder of the works, some parking and pedestrian restrictions and daytime construction noise (within the EPA guidelines) may occur. Council will provide further updates once the construction schedule is finalised.

Fortunately, the nature of the work is expected to be low impact and contained within existing disturbed sites. Council has completed a preliminary environmental and heritage report, and further environmental assessments and preparation will be completed, with construction exclusion zones identified as required. Minimal native vegetation will be removed as part of the project, and any required approvals will be obtained prior to any removal. An order has been placed with the KI Native Plant Nursery for some trees and shrubs as part of the project.

Council has an existing 3-year contract with a footpath contractor (Denco Civil), and a tender process will occur for the remaining project scope including earthworks, trail construction, landscaping, resealing and other associated construction, with the possibility of some work completed in-house.

This webpage will continue to provide updates as they are available, as well as a variety of targeted meetings, printed media, letter drops to affected residents and social media to advise of traffic restrictions and project timelines.

The final design will include contemporary Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) methodologies that include green swales and retention areas. This will be combined with traditional culverts and drainage infrastructure, with kerbing at existing sealed intersections of Moreanda and Bimberta Avenues subject to funding availability, but are not essential to the civil design.

Council is exploring the possibility of reducing the Tangara Drive precinct speed limit to 30 or 40kph, however the power to approve speed limits has not been delegated to any other agency other than the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, who is responsible for approving speed limits on all roads and road-related areas in South Australia, unless within a school zone or other specific crossing types. It is not intended for any major changes to traffic movement, and the resealing work will ensure it meets current road width and line marking standards.


For more information about the above project, please contact the Customer Service team on 8553 4500 or email kicouncil@kicouncil.sa.gov.au.