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In response to the COVID-19 virus, Council’s offices at Dauncey Street and the Depot will be closed to the public until further notice.

However, Council staff will continue to provide services to the community. To order Library books, pay bills or to speak with Council staff, please phone, email or utilise our online services. For all Council enquiries & payments please phone Customer Service on: 08 8553 4500 or email alternatively, Council Payments can be made online, click here.

As per Federal and State Government requirements Playgrounds, Skate parks & Council Campgrounds are now CLOSED. Our parks and reserves remain open for your leisure.

Further updates will be communicated via Council’s website, Council’s Facebook Page, The Islander newspaper and Council’s Community window. Thank you.

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Kangaroo Island Bushfires

As of Monday 24 February 2020, the Recovery Centre at 12 Jubilee Ave Parndana will be open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm and can assist with all fire recovery needs, including grant applications. Phone 0438 861 215

For information on current warnings visit the CFS website.

For other Recovery Information visit Department of Human Services website. Additional information is also available on Council's website.

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Wastewater Management

The CWMS (Community Wastewater Management System) comprises of two types of schemes, properties that utilise a septic tank for treatment of effluent waste before connecting to the CWMS (referred to as Septic Tank Effluent Drainage Scheme or STEDS type scheme) and those properties that utilise a direct sewer type connection (no septic tank required) with all effluent treated by the scheme.

Council's CWMS operates in four townships, Kingscote, American River, Parndana and Penneshaw.

Schemes at Kingscote and Parndana require the installation of a septic tank for each property that is connected to the CWMS.

The American River and Penneshaw Schemes are full sewer schemes, for which direct connection is available without the installation of a septic tank. Some allotments may require property pumps to access the CWMS network where gravity drainage is not available.

Please note that some allotments in American River (western extent of Sea Eagle Way, Plover Place and Kestrel Close) require STEDS type connection including septic tank. For further information, please contact Council on 08 8553 4500 or

Properties outside of the CWMS service areas have an onsite wastewater treatment system appropriate to serve the buildings to which it is connected and the size of the property. Approvals for all connections to CWMS and on-site systems are required under the SA Public Health Act 2011. An application form is available here.

Scheme Plans

 American RiverKingscoteParndanaPenneshaw
Full sewer access or STEDS type sewer accessFull sewer type system*STEDS type systemSTEDS type systemFull sewer type system
Collection networkUnderground - Gravity & pump systems (property pumps required in some areas)Underground - Gravity and pump systemsUnderground - Gravity and pump systemsUnderground - Gravity and pump systems (property pumps required in some areas)
Treatment systemCategory 3 Treatment and storage in evaporative lagoon system and provisions for re-useCategory 3 Treatment and storage in evaporative lagoon system and provisions for re-useCategory 3 Treatment and storage in evaporative lagoon system and provisions for re-useCategory 3 Treatment and storage in evaporative lagoon system and provisions for re-use 

Lot 3 DP78106 Redbanks Road, Hundred of Haine
(Approximately 2 km north-west of Town Centre).

Section 169 HP110800 Estuary Road, Brownlow, Hundred of Menzies
(Approximately 4.5 km south-west of Kingscote Town Centre / 1.7km south-west of Brownlow KI Township)
Lot 13 FP6496 Playford Highway, Parndana, Hundred of Seddon
(north of Cook Street / Playford Highway intersection)
Part Lot 150 DP67049, Binney’s Track & Old Cape Willoughby Road, Hundred of Dudley
(Approximately 2.1km south-east of Penneshaw Town Centre)
Reuse locationsAmerican River Oval - Lot 198 FP181040 & Section 349 HP110500 Hundred of Haies (sub-surface irrigation)

Kingscote Golf Course – Section 169 HP110800 Hundred of Menzies (Fixed sprinkler irrigation)

Kingscote Race Course – Section 455 HP110800 Hundred of Menzies (Fixed sprinkler irigation)

Private Agriculture Irrigator - Section 48 HP110800 Hundred of Menzies (agricultural centre pivot irrigation)

Parndana Oval - Lot 2 DP91255, via Daw Street, Hundred of Seddon (sub-surface irrigation)

A report detailing the Parndana Wastewater Reuse Project is available here.

Management PlansKangaroo Island CWMS Monitoring Plan and Kangaroo Island CWMS Water Quality Monitoring Plan (Feb 2011)Licence and conditions (EPA1516) and Kangaroo Island CWMS Monitoring Plan and Kangaroo Island CWMS Water Quality Monitoring Plan (Feb 2011)Kangaroo Island CWMS Monitoring Plan and Kangaroo Island CWMS Water Quality Monitoring Plan (Feb 2011)Kangaroo Island CWMS Monitoring Plan and Kangaroo Island CWMS Water Quality Monitoring Plan (Feb 2011)

* except Western extent of Sea Eagle Way, Plover Place and Kestral Close which are STEDS type system

Connecting to a scheme

New Connections for Existing Serviced Allotments
Many vacant allotments within the CWMS service areas have been provided with connection points installed at the time of the scheme’s installation. A series of Plans for the existing CWMS collection networks are available in the related links.

Upon approval of the wastewater system application, development will be able to be connected by the plumber of your choice to your allotment’s connection point.

New Connections to Existing Un-Serviced Allotments
Some allotments may have been established without existing connection points or have existing onsite systems which can be connected to CWMS as the scheme expands or becomes available in new areas.

Where new connections are provided by Council to existing allotments where services are made available:

  • Council will advise the property owner prior to commencing construction
  • Council MUST install the appropriate connection to the property boundary
  • Council will invoice the property owner following installation the advised Connection Fee (if applicable)
  • Property owners must connect to the Scheme within 12 months of the infrastructure being installed, undertaken by a qualified plumber and the certificate of compliance forwarded to Council
  • The septic tank (where applicable to STEDS type schemes) must be desludged prior to connection
  • The Service Charge - CWMS will be effective from 1 July following installation of infrastructure.

New connections will be installed by Council with costs payable by the land owner. CWMS connection works are charged ‘at cost’ e.g. no profit, on installation. Once the connection is installed you will be able to engage a plumber of your choice to finalise the connection between your existing plumbing / septic tank and the CWMS connection.

Development, Re-development and Extensions to CWMS collection networks
Developers creating new allotments by land division, community schemes or re-development of areas will be required to submit engineered plans for new CWMS infrastructure, to Council demonstrating compliant design, layout and connection to the existing scheme, for approval.

Large scale developments may also, if necessary, be required to contribute to the upgrading of infrastructure in anticipated loadings exceed the capability of the existing scheme.

Upon receipt of design drawings and specifications, Council will assess the proposed network, extension or upgrade and provide a cost quote for installation (except with community title shemes where community managed infrastructure is proposed).

Fees and Charges associated with CWMS

Kangaroo Island Council has a number of Fees and Charges associated with the management of Community Wastewater Management Schemes (CWMS) Including CWMS Service Charge (payable as a component of property rating), new connections (infrastructure) and SA Public Health Act applications for approval of connection of household drainage to the CWMS (whether or not incorporating a septic tank). These fees and charges are outlined listed in Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.

The Service Charge - CWMS is payable on Rates Notices. All properties that have access to CWMS infrastructure including Vacant Land, is required to pay the Service Charge. Details on how the Service Charge - CWMS is calculated is available within the Kangaroo Island Council Community Wastewater Management Schemes Policy

Kangaroo Island Council has committed to ensuring the charges for CWMS services is maintained at a sustainable rate and is reported for monitoring to the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) to be equivalent to the cost of managing and upgrading the schemes over the life of the scheme. Further information on Kangaroo Island Council’s CWMS operation and management can be found in the Kangaroo Island Council Community Wastewater Management Schemes Policy and the Customer Charter - Sewage Services.

Council's Water Industry Hardships Policy relative to wastewater services and infrastructure is available here.

Additional information on Septic Tank Desludging

Kangaroo Island Council requires all Septic Tanks, irrespective of type or connection to CWMS, need to be desludged every four years in line Department of Health requirements in order to work efficiently.

Council CWMS septic tank desludging program information is available here.

Further Information

For further information on the CWMS Charges please contact Council on 8553 4500 or via